Father warns other parents to beware of online gaming predators

Father warns other parents to beware of online gaming predators

Danger is everywhere, even online. A recent post by a concerned father whose son almost fell victim to Minecraft predators shares his experience to warn other parents.

Most kids these days are hooked on online gaming. Though it's healthy to allow them to enjoy these games which allow them to practice critical thinking and self-expression, there is also a danger to this.

Minecraft, one of the most popular games, has a voice chat feature. This feature allows kids to chat with other players from all over the world. But what if these other players aren't really kids?

An alarming post has been making the rounds on social media. Ian Custodio shared a scary experience he had while his son, Clark, was beside him playing Minecraft. He overheard his son chatting with someone who sounded like he was a grown man. The man then started asking Ian's son personal details such as what his parents did for work and where he lived.

When the man (who sounded like he was not alone) realised that the boy's father was beside him, they quickly logged off.

It's a good thing that he was there to protect his son. But what about the countless other unsupervised kids hooked on the same game?

Let's help spread the word about this.

You can read the post from October 13, 2015 here:


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Here are three simple tips on how to keep your child from online gaming predators.

Have a talk with them.

Let them know that there are bad people in the world who pretend to be good people online. Reassure them you will protect them and don't scare them. But make sure they understand that it is a serious matter.

Make gaming time family time.

By sitting beside them as they play games, you can not only protect and guide them but you can also show them that you care for them and what they're passionate about.

Warn yaya and other relatives.

If you have to leave them unsupervised, make sure their yaya or your relatives with whom you'll leave them know that such a possibility of online scams and other dangers exist so they can be as vigilant as you are.

Do you know any other safety tips which might help other parents?

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