7 ways makeup sex gets hotter

7 ways makeup sex gets hotter

Did you know that makeup sex gets hotter if you're prepared for it? Read below for some tips on how top make the most out of makeup sex without losing sight of what you were fighting about before the dirty deed.

Why is makeup sex so good?

Psychologists determined that makeup sex is just another form of arousal transfer.

When couples fight, the stimulus of their fight can quickly turn into sexual stimuli. This explains how a heated argument can turn into the most intense lovemaking.

Like a drug

Other experts, however, warn us that makeup sex can have the same effect as a hit of cocaine—a short, euphoric high that leaves us in a mindset worse than before we took the hit.

Still, no matter what psychologists or experts say, you know your marriage, ladies, and if makeup sex is hot, then it is hot.

How makeup sex can be even hotter

But did you know you can make it hotter without all the bother? Take a look how:

Make sure the fight is over

Maybe the couples psychologists interviewed didn’t really get to finish their argument and instead skipped to the fun part.

Do something that ups your mood before the dirty deed

While sex can raise your mood, you may not be feeling it as much as the hubby is. Go on a small shopping trip in the day or listen to some music. Just take a little time out in between.

Focus on your partner and not the fight

Read an erotic novel or look at some naughty pictures of your husband (if you have them) to make the sex more about each other than getting over the fight.


Start slow

Makeup sex can be explosive, but the effects can be made to linger longer if you start with sexting or errant touches.

Wear something sexy

Put on the sexiest pair of panties you have and tell your husband you’re wearing them. You’ll also feel good about yourself.

Be a sex goddess

If you’re still not feeling it, let the sex happen but focus on your blowjob technique and learning how to blow his mind. The detachment you feel can be great for seeing what he really likes during sex.

Establish an after-fight ritual

It’s good to give signals that both of you are moving on from the argument.

Makeup sex is unquestionably hot, but make sure that you’re actually making up.

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