Aljur Abrenica and Robin Padilla have patched things up!

Aljur Abrenica and Robin Padilla have patched things up!

After being at odds for the long time, actors Aljur Abrenica and Robin Padilla have now reconciled during a family dinner!

It's no secret that Aljur Abrenica and Robin Padilla haven't been on speaking terms. However, the pair have recently reconciled, and it seems that Robin has finally welcomed Aljur into his family!

Aljur Abrenica and Robin Padilla were at odds for a while

The trouble between the two started when Robin expressed his desire for his daughter Kylie Padilla to marry her boyfriend, Aljur Abrenica, after she became pregnant.

While the couple are engaged, they still haven't announced a date for their wedding. This didn't sit well with Robin who wanted his daughter to marry Aljur before he accepts him.

For the longest time, Robin and Aljur weren't on speaking terms, but recently, it seems that they have finally reconciled.

In an Instagram post, Robin's wife Mariel shared a photo of Robin and Aljur together.

Robin also commented on Mariel's post, and said that Mariel acted as a bridge for him and Aljur's reconciliation.

Other photos on Aljur's Instagram show his family and Robin's family together, smiling during a family meal.

A post shared by Aljur Abrenica (@ajabrenica) on

Does this mean wedding bells for Aljur and Kylie?

With the pair now reconciled, and with Aljur's family visiting Robin's family, some netizens are speculating that Aljur and Kylie might soon get married since Aljur already has Robin's blessing.

However, the couple still have yet to disclose any information regarding their marriage.


Source: PEP

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