Can cell phone use cause brain tumors?

Can cell phone use cause brain tumors?

Ever since cell phones have become widely available, concerns have been raised regarding how safe cell phones actually are.

You've probably heard from your friends, or read online that cellphone use causes cancer. And while some people choose to dismiss these claims as fake, or rumors, some studies have shown that there might be a connection between cellphone use and brain tumors.

How do cell phones work?

Cell phones work by sending and receiving signals from cell towers using RF waves. RF waves are a type of electromagnetic energy, similar to radio waves, microwaves, visible light, and heat. It is important to note that RF waves are weaker compared to other types of waves, so they're generally safe.

However, super high levels of RF waves have been known to heat up body tissues. The RF waves given out by cellphones however are so low, it's almost impossible for the waves to raise your body temperature.

How are people exposed?

Exposure to RF waves from cell phones is pretty straightforward. If you're holding the phone, calling someone, sending a text, or watching a video, you're being exposed to the RF waves emitted by the phone. However, the amount varies depending on how far your body is from the phone itself. If you're using it to make a call, and it's on your ear, then you're being exposed to more RF waves compared to when you're simply texting someone.

Other factors such as nearby cell towers, the model of the phone, and the length of time that you're on your phone also play a role when it comes to how much you're being exposed to RF waves.

Are cell phones safe to use?

Now, this begs the question, are cell phones actually safe to use?

Throughout the years, scientists have conducted numerous studies in order to find out whether or not using cell phones can have any negative effects on the body. According to some lab studies, the amount of RF waves that are produced by cellphones aren't enough to cause any harm to the body.

Other similar studies among patients with brain tumors also showed that their tumors weren't caused by cellphone use.

However, there are still limitations to these studies, especially since cell phones are constantly being upgraded, and more research is needed in order to know whether or not cell phones can put people at risk.


At the end of the day, it's really up to you whether or not you want to limit your cell phone use or go on with using it like normal. For parents, it's always best to take into consideration the safety of your child, so it's always best to err on the side of caution and don't let your child use their phone for extended periods of time. After all, too much of anything is harmful!


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