Child development and milestones: your 5 years 5 months old

Child development and milestones: your 5 years 5 months old

Is your child on track?

Isn’t it amazing what your 5 years 5 months old child continues to achieve? His growth and development over the course of a few years are amazing!

Now, here are the specific milestones that your 5 years 5 months old child should be reaching at this stage. If you find that they are reaching these milestones a little late, you shouldn’t worry too much, as children tend to develop at their own pace.

5 years 5 months old child development and milestones: Is your child on track?

Physical development

At 5 years 5 months old, your child’s fine and gross motor skills are a lot more refined than a few months ago. His hand-eye coordination is good and his balancing skills have improved in leaps and bounds. 

What other signs of physical development will kids of this age show? 

  • They can confidently eat with all kinds of cutlery and
  • They can hold pens and pencils correctly.
  • They catch a ball throw at them from a short distance without dropping it.
  • They have better coordination with their legs and arms.
  • They can hop from leg to leg without falling over like much younger children.


  • Encourage your child to to write, colour and draw more as a way of further honing his fine motor skills.
  •  Physical activity should increase at this point, so reduce screen time and allow your child to play outdoors.
  • If your child shows an aptitude for any sport, enrolling him in it will aid growth and development even more. 

When to talk to your doctor

  • If your child still stumbles when he runs
  • If he cannot balance on one leg
  • If he cannot grasp eating utensils or writing materials
  • If your child cannot seem to hear or see properly
  • If he loses skills he once had

Cognitive development

Your little one is probably in pre-school now, and he's arming himself with the cognitive skills needed to tackle school.

Cognitive development in your 5 years 5 months old child up to now will showcase his ability to reason and think. At this stage of development, your child will become curious enough to seek out answers by himself.  This could mean more questions directed your way, with each answer leading to even more questions!

Look out for the following cognitive developments in your child. 

  • Uses reason and may argue to prove a point
  • Follows simple directions.
  • Has an understanding of right and wrong.
  • Counts to at least 20
  • Knows his alphabet. 
  • May know how to spell his name. 
  • Can correctly identify colours and shapes. 
  • Remembers events from the past.


  • When your child argues with you, engage him further by asking his to explain his stance
  • Buy STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Maths) toys like blocks and puzzles to further hone your child's cognitive skills. 
  • Visit the museum, zoo, and other interesting places to encourage learning outside the classroom.
  • Play I Spy with your child. This game encourages your child's thinking skills and also promotes speech and literacy. 

When to talk to your doctor

If your child

  • Shows little or no interest in his surroundings 
  • Cannot count up to 20 or does not know the alphabet 

5 years and 5 months old

Social and Emotional Development

Your 5 years 5 months old child is the life of the party! Chatty and friendly, your child is all out to please everyone, especially you. 

Keep an eye out for these developments: 

  • Your child will show empathy to others. He'll know when he's hurt someone’s feelings and when to make amends.
  • While he's much more independent now, your child still needs your love and comfort and will run to you often for these. 
  • Your child might be bossy when playing with friends. 
  • Your child might prefer to play with kids of his/her own gender. 
  • He loves the company of friends, but sometimes likes alone-time too. 
  • Is very friendly, even with strangers.
  • May lie or tell tales.
  • Has a sense of humour. 


  • If you encounter your child lying to you or telling tales, don't shame him. Both occurrences are indicative of his cognitive development. Talk to your child about why it's not nice to lie or tell tales. 
  • Teach your child about stranger danger. 
  • Give your child plenty of love and cuddles for good emotional health. 
  • Organise play dates for your child and his friends. 

When to talk to your doctor

  • If your child
  • Is withdrawn, shy or unwilling to interact with others
  • Doesn’t exhibit or understand a wide range of emotions
  • Behaves erratically or is prone to violent behavior

5 years and 5 months old

Speech and language development

Your 5 years and 5 months old child can now speak using simple, clear sentences. Here are a few common milestones to look out for.

  • Your child's speech is easily understood, even by a stranger.
  • He understands instructions and will also give instructions to others, like younger siblings or friends. 
  • Is receptive to learning another language. 
  • Can recognise words in a favourite book.
  • Sings many songs and may even recite a poem. 


  • Avoid using "baby talk" and speak to your child clearly and simply. 
  • Ask your child to tell you about his day at bedtime. 
  • Ask questions from your child to encourage his speech development even further. 
  • Keep giving your child age-appropriate books. It doesn't matter if he cannot read very well or even at all. What matters is that you encourage a love for reading starting young. 
  • Teach your child new songs or fun poems. 

When to talk to your doctor

If your child

  • Stammers or stutters a lot
  • Does not speak in sentences
  • Cannot speak clearly
  • Refuses to speak at all 
  • Loses skills he once had

Health and Nutrition

Your growing child needs a healthy, well-balanced diet. The occasional sugary treat is fine, but these should be few and far between.

At this age, your child needs about 1200 calories every day. You should also ensure that he drinks enough water daily. Your little one's diet should consist of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats and oils. Grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables should make up a major part of their diet.

Here's a quick glance at your child's daily nutritional requirements

Nutrient/Mineral Recommended Daily Amount Food Sources (nutrient/mineral value)
Calcium 1,000mg 2 cups milk (150mg) OR 2 cups yoghurt(207mg) OR 2 slices of cheese  (112mg)
Iron 10mg small bowl of cereal (12mg) OR 1 slice of wholemeal bread (0.9mg) OR a small handful of raisins (0.7mg)
Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) 10g of Omega-6, 0.9g of Omega-3 child palm-sized piece of salmon (0.425g) OR 1 hardboiled egg (0.1g) OR a handful of walnuts (2.3g)
Magnesium 130mg Small bowl of all bran cereal (93mg) OR 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (25mg) OR half a banana (16mg)
Vitamin A 0.4mg 3-5 chunks of sweet potato (3.8mg) OR quarter of a bell pepper 
Vitamin C 25mg 2 cups fresh orange juice (50mg) OR 6 florets of broccoli (30mg) OR 1 tomato (5mg)
Vitamin E 7mg 28g peanuts (2mg) OR 40g raw mango (0.9mg)
Potassium 3,800mg Half a baked potato (463mg) OR 5 chunks of cantaloupe (208mg) OR a handful of spinach (210mg)
Zinc 5mg child's palm-sized piece of cooked beef (3mg) OR child's palm-sized piece chicken (0.6mg) OR 2 slices cheddar cheese (0.4mg)


  • Cut out fizzy drinks and junk food from your child's diet. 
  • Teach your child to eat the same food as the rest of the family.
  • Teach good table manners.

Vaccinations and Common Illnesses

Once your child is 5 years and 5 months old, they would have completed most of their vaccinations. However, he may still require yearly flu shots. Your doctor should give you more information about flu shots. 

Your child will occasionally come down with the common cold and flu. This happens when he gets exposed to bugs. Not to worry, the exposure will help them build a stronger immune system.

Sources: WebMD


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