Dry eyes in kids: What causes it, and how you can prevent it

Dry eyes in kids: What causes it, and how you can prevent it

Commonly known as an issue among middle-aged individuals, cases of dry eyes are surprisingly underdiagnosed and undertreated among children.

Dry eyes might be an uncommon problem in kids, but it's still important for moms and dads to know what can cause dry eyes, as well as how they can prevent it from happening to their kids.

What causes dry eyes in kids?

Dry eyes in kids are caused by a number of different factors which include inflammation, congenital disorders, poor nutrition, and diabetes. 

In some cases, allergies can also cause dry eyes in children, so it's important for parents to know their child's allergies in order to avoid any further problems or complications.

Additionally, spending too much time in front of the computer, or in front of mobile devices can cause dryness, as their eyes can sometimes get too tired or exhausted. Electric fans and air conditioners can also sometimes cause dry eyes as they circulate dry air around.

How can it be prevented?

Here are some ways for parents to help prevent their kids from having dry eyes:

  • Eye drops. In some cases, eye drops can help rejuvenate dry eyes. However, it's important to not be too dependent on using eye drops.
  • Avoid being directly in front of an airconditioner or a fan. Air conditioners and electric fans can dry out your child's eyes, especially if they're directly in front of them.
  • Use humidifiers. Humidifiers increase the amount of humidity in the air, so it helps prevent your child's eyes from drying out.
  • Rest your eyes every so often. Rest helps your child's eyes regain some of the moisture they lost and also prevents their eyes from drying out.
  • Use a warm compress and wash their eyelids with water.
  • Have a proper diet. Food rich in omega-3 such as oily fish, nuts, and seeds can help prevent dry eyes.

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