Hairstylist pedophile who raped a 12-year-old boy is still at large

Hairstylist pedophile who raped a 12-year-old boy is still at large

Hairstylist Eduardo Escaño is on the loose but hunted by police for raping a 12-year-old boy. Read below to find out more details and how to report any information you have on the suspect.

Beware, mommies and daddies!

There’s a pedophile at large and he targets young, elementary-school boys.

Hairstylist lured child into abandoned lot

Photos of a certain hairstylist named Eduardo Escaño are circulating online in an effort to catch the alleged rapist.

A 12-year-old boy positively identified Escaño as the suspect who allegedly raped him a few days ago.

According to the victim, he was promised Php40 in exchange for fetching the suspect’s clothes from the latter’s house.

Instead, the child was lured into a deserted lot in Barangay San Antonio, Parañaque, where he was raped.

The family of the victim only found out about the incident at a later time, when they found blood inside the boy’s shorts.

The victim also complained about having trouble walking and difficulty passing stool, often accompanied by blood.

Watch the video here:

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He was not the first victim

According to the police investigation, Escaño is notorious for molesting uncircumcised boys aged ten to thirteen.

Another victim has come forward, aged thirteen, who says that he was also molested by Escaño.

This victim said he was taken for a ride on the suspect's motorcycle. During the ride, the victim said he was touched in inappropriate places.

Boy's father wants the suspect dead

The 12-year-old victim's father is vehement in his desire for the suspect’s death, saying, “Kung maaari  lang patayin ko na sya, papatayin ko na lang sya e.”

The two victims say that they are going to press charges.

hairstylist who molested and raped Scene of the crime

Still at large

Police investigators were unable to apprehend the suspect at his home.

Escaño is still on the loose, as of publication of this article.

Please call the police at 117 or go to your nearest police station to report any information on the whereabouts of this person.

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