Having a bad day? These moms totally know how you feel

Having a bad day? These moms totally know how you feel

Getting stressed out? Laugh it off with these funny fails from moms.

Being a mom is one of the hardest things in the world. And you can’t always be expected to be on top of your game 100% of the time.

So whenever you’re feeling down, just know that every other mom knows exactly how you feel and they’re with you throughout the amazing journey of motherhood.

1. Hmm, maybe it was a bad idea to tell her kid that it’s a cookie

bad day

Photo from: hannah.on.purpose / Via instagram.com

Kids eat a lot of weird things though, so it’s not too bad. Right?

2. Yikes! That doesn’t look safe at all

bad day

Photo from: labellavita1977 / Via instagram.com

Let this serve as a lesson to all moms out there. Whenever you’re borrowing your kid’s schoolbag, make sure to take out any sharp objects once you give your child their bag back.

3. Peaches, crackers, juice, and an onion?

bad day

photo from: btrudell / Via instagram.com

This is what happens when you don’t have enough sleep. So moms, make sure to have sufficient rest, or else your child will be having an onion for a snack.

5. Hmm, that’s not how a car seat should look like

bad day

photo from: _saamln / Via instagram.com

Remember mommies, if you take something apart, make sure you know how to put it back together.

6. Ever wonder what diaper rash cream tastes like?

bad day

Photo from: insight2lala / Via instagram.com

Yeah, we don’t want to know as well.

7. Pro tip: never let your kids make their own sandwich

bad day

Photo from: jihaewatson / Via instagram.com

Or else this is what would happen.

8. It was supposed to be cinnamon in the apple sauce

bad day

Photo from: feinteaching4 / Via instagram.com

The weird thing is that the mom who took this photo said her kids didn’t notice the chili powder in their apple sauce!


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