Spotting While Pregnant: Is it Normal?

Spotting While Pregnant: Is it Normal?

Spotting While Pregnant is nothing to worry about. For most, spotting occurs when the body tries to adjust to the changed levels of hormonal secretion.

spotting while pregnant

Spotting while pregnant shouldn’t give you cause for concern!

Spotting while Pregnant

Women may experience light vaginal bleeding or spotting while pregnant. This appears as a bright red, pink or brown stain on the underwear or sanitary napkin. Although it may seem alarming, vaginal spotting is quite common and is usually nothing to worry about.

After conception, at the earliest point of pregnancy, bleeding occurs when the embryo is implanted into the uterus. At later stages of pregnancy, spotting may be caused by different reasons. For most women, spotting occurs when the body tries to adjust itself to the new and changed levels of hormonal secretion.

Intercourse may also cause spotting while pregnant. When a pregnant woman has intercourse, the sensitive mucosa lining of the vagina may begin to bleed. The friction generated between the penis and the vagina triggers this. Subchorionic hemorrhage can also cause bleeding. However, these clots usually disappear by themselves and do not cause any major problems.

Occasional spotting while pregnantis normally not worrying. However, care should be taken if the spotting continues at an alarming rate. This should be discussed with a doctor immediately as severe bleeding can be a sign of miscarriage.

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