Shamcey Supsup, ikinuwento ang kaniyang VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) birth story

Shamcey Supsup, ikinuwento ang kaniyang VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) birth story

Ikinuwento ng dating beauty queen na si Shamcey Supsup ang kaniyang experience sa VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) sa kaniyang pangalawang anak.

Kamakailan ay ipinanganak ng dating beauty queen na si Shamcey Supsup ang kaniyang pangalawang anak sa asawang si Lloyd Lee. Kahit na hindi niya first time manganak, naging ibang-iba ang experience ni Shamcey sa delivery ng kaniyang baby boy na si Peter Nathan. Ito ay dahil nanganak si Shamcey sa pamamagitan ng vaginal birth after caesarean section o karaniwang tinatawag na VBAC.

Ikinuwento ng dating beauty queen ang kaniyang birth story sa kaniyang Instagram post. Sinabi nito na sa simula pa lang ng kaniyang pagbubuntis sa pangalawang anak, pinag-isipan na nito kung magpapa-CS siya kagaya ng kaniyang panganganak sa kanilang panganay o susubukan ba niyang mag-VBAC.

"To be honest, I was leaning on going for the CS because I just wanted to take control of this 2nd birth," pag-amin nito. "My husband totally respects whatever my decision would be but i knew he was still hoping for a normal delivery."

Naging mas kumplikado ang pagdedesisyon nilang mag-asawa dahil nalaman nilang aalis ang OB ni Shamcey sa kaniyang ika-39 na linggo.

"My choices were to have the CS before she leaves or be referred to another to perform the VBAC. In the end, Lloyd and I agreed that we will let mother nature decide and not to set any date."

Sa kaniyang ika-38 na linggo ng pagbubuntis, naka-schedule siya para sa isang check-up. Dito na rin sana ipapakilala ng kaniyang OB ang reliever nito na sasalo sa pagpapa-anak kay Shamcey. Ngunit habang nasa doctor's appointment, napag-alaman na 2cm dilated na siya.

"I was asked to do an NST [non-stress test] to check the intensity and duration of my contractions. We were super excited of the possibility of welcoming the baby that evening. Unfortunately during the NST, they recorded only one mild contraction and so I was sent home :(

"I was disappointed but thought maybe its still too early since I had Nyla at over 39 weeks. So I went home, tried to sleep and ignored the cramps that I've been feeling since they seem to just come and go. By dinner time, the cramps became more frequent but it was hard to time the contractions though I informed my OB of what was happening and she told me to observe it again for an hour."

Ngunit hindi humupa ang pagliyab ng kaniyang tiyan, kaya minabuti na niyang pauwiin na ang kaniyang asawang si Lloyd.

"By 8:30pm I was experiencing the worst cramps ever and I begged Lloyd to bring me to the hospital."

Sa ospital, sumailalim si Shamcey sa internal examination. Dito napag-alaman na 8cm na siya. Dali-dali siyang dinala sa labor room upang hintayin ang kaniyang OB at ang anesthesiologist.

"That was the longest wait EVER. The contractions were downright painful, I was shouting and crying and begging for a dose of my epidural. I was so glad when I saw my doctors come in at about 10pm and finally got relief once the anesthesia was administered; though I can still feel the contractions, but they were manageable.

"By 11:30pm, I was fully dilated so the whole team began preparing for the delivery. With the positive encouragement of everyone in the delivery room especially Lloyd who's assuring me and telling me my progress through every push, I heard the doctor say, 'the baby's head is out, one more push for the shoulders' and I gave 1 big push and then our son was out and placed on my tummy. It was pure joy to see him that I did not even notice the delivery of the placenta and the stitching of my tear."

Dagdag pa nito: "During that time I realized that sometimes we plan too much, try to control everything in our life but sometimes we just have to let go and let God work his miracles coz His plans are always better than ours."


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