Actress Sharon Cuneta had surgery to remove a lump on her neck

Actress Sharon Cuneta had surgery to remove a lump on her neck

Actress Sharon Cuneta recently shared on social media that she underwent a surgery last April 2, to remove a lipoma on the nape of her neck.

Sharon Cuneta had a lipoma on her neck

The actress said that her yaya and assistant were the first to notice the lump on her neck. She became worried when they informed her that the lump started growing, so she decided to visit the doctor to have it checked.

She wrote, "Mind and heart are resting. Recovering well. Also, had surgery yesterday. Had a lipoma pala on my batok (nape), and my yaya assistant had been noticing it for a while hanggang lumaki na (until it grew so big) that they finally told me."

Doctors did a biopsy on the mass, called a lipoma, but she shared that she's not scared of the results.

A lipoma is a slow-growing lump that usually appears on the neck. For the most part, lipomas aren't cancerous, but it's still a good idea to have it checked by medical professionals.

She's still recovering from the surgery

The actress also added that she's still recovering from the surgery she had.

She writes, "If I put my head down, it hurts. If I look straight or up, it hurts. So my saving grace is laying on either my left or right side. I sleep on my left side anyway, but it really feels weird. Please pray for me."

She also told her fans to not worry about her since she's hoping that she can recover quickly from her surgery.

We're also hoping and praying for Sharon's swift recovery, and we're looking forward to future projects from her!


Source: Rappler

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