These amazing super moms are sure to give you #momgoals!

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Of course, all moms are truly amazing, but these super moms take it to a whole 'nother level! Read on to learn more about these super moms.

These super moms won’t just inspire you by the way they take care of their families, but also by the way they found fulfillment and success in their own way!

1. Super mom Mench Dizon

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At 37 years old, Mench Dizon looks as youthful as can be, and you’ll be surprised to know that in the span of 10 years, she has ran over 17 marathons despite not having any prior experience. She also finished all the World Marathon Majors, making her one of the less than 10 Filipinos to have done so.

Oh yeah, she also founded her own startup company called TripClub, all the while finding the time to take care of her family and run marathons.

Fun fact: She ran her first ever marathon while she was eight months pregnant, but she was extremely cautious about it!

2. Alice Reyes

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Alice Reyes is one amazing mom. Not only is she a National Artist for Dance, and was also responsible for founding Ballet Philippines. Once she retired from dancing, she decided to focus on her own home décor manufacturing company called which was Chrysara named after her children.

Whilst she caters to high-end clientele, supplying them with luxury goods, she still makes it a point to give all of her employees livable wages. She even promised to grant full scholarships to the first two children of all her workers!

3. Ginger Arboleda

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COO of the startup company Taxumo, Ginger Arboleda has a lot on her plate. However, she still found the time to balance the startup she’s managing with her husband, as well as taking care of her three-year-old daughter Zeeka!

This super mom was a former career woman, and started her career in marketing, and then moved to management and product development in a bank. However, she isn’t always “all business,” especially when it comes to her family.

Ginger shares, “If Zeeka is sick, I would willingly move a meeting. It’s all about knowing your priorities.” Agreed!

4. Hazel Villonco

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Hazel Villonco, a mother-of-four, might seem like most other moms at first glance. However, this super mom does crossfit at least five times a week, has tried other sports like tennis, boxing, and rowing, and manages a preschool, a Kumon center, and a dance studio. And all of those are on top of taking care of her four daughters!

When it comes to her kids, Hazel shares, “I’m strict when it comes to education, responsibilities and obligations. But once school work is done, my children are allowed to do as they please.”

She adds, “I am aware of their academic capabilities, I know up to what point to push and when to stop. I don’t set unrealistic goals. They know I expect them to be academic awardees since I know that they can do it, but being at the top of the batch, like my third child, is only the icing on the cake.”

She’s a pretty hands-on mom,


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