6 Unnoticed signs of thyroid cancer

6 Unnoticed signs of thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer is almost always found by accident, which is why it's important to know the unnoticed signs of thyroid cancer.

1. A small lump in the neck

For men, they might notice a small lump in their neck when they're shaving, and for women, they can possibly discover it while they're putting on makeup.

90% of these lumps or thyroid nodules are benign, but if the lump is located near your Adam's apple, and if it moves up and down when you're swallowing, it can possibly be a symptom of thyroid cancer.

2. Hoarseness

The recurrent laryngeal nerve, a nerve that controls the muscles of your vocal chords, lies behind the thyroid gland. That means that if there's any nodules in your thyroid, it can affect the laryngeal nerve, causing some hoarseness.

3. Chronic cough

If you suddenly develop a cough with no other symptoms, it's a possible sign of thyroid cancer. The usual signs are that the cough doesn't have phlegm, and it doesn't come with a fever.

4. Difficulty when swallowing

Larger nodules can cause some difficulty or even pain when you swallow. It's also a possible sign of throat cancer. So if you have these symptoms, make sure to ask your doctor to know more.

5. Pain in the neck

For the most part, you don't usually feel the lumps of the nodules on your neck. However, neck pain can be a sign of thyroid cancer. In some cases, the pain starts from your neck, and then travels all the way up to your ears.

6. Trouble when breathing

Nodules caused by thyroid cancer can sometimes make it hard to breathe. This is because the lumps can sometimes push against the windpipe and the nerves, causing breathing to become difficult.

Source: rd.com

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