Drew Arellano shares how he was more challenged by parenting than wife Iya

Drew Arellano shares how he was more challenged by parenting than wife Iya

First-time parenting is often more challenging for new dads, says Television host Drew Arellano. But he credits his wife Iya for being such a natural mother.

As time passes, the reasons Drew Arellano is an adorable dad only seems to grow. You can add charmingly candid about daddy struggles to this list! At Cerelac‘s recent Let’s Eat Bulilit launch, the Television host opened up about how first-time parenting often comes easier for moms.

“As a first-time parent, it comes natural for the mother,” says Drew Arellano on wife Iya, who’s now pregnant with their second baby boy.

Drew Arellano on wife Iya as a mom: ‘She’s such a natural…’

Drew says that before the baby is born, both mom and dad usually have similar anxieties about whether or not they’ll be good parents. But after giving birth, it’s automatic for moms to be good parents because they’re naturals.

“Maternal instincts, ang bilis, natural eh. Iya is such a natural mother,” marvels the soon-to-be dad of two, who also took time to thank his grandmother and mother-in-law for helping them care for Primo. 

drew arellano on wife

As soon as she gave birth, parenting came naturally, says Drew Arellano on wife Iya Villania. | image source: Iya Villania instagram account

Recalling the early days of parenthood, he says how everything—feeding, bathing—was a challenge for both of them. But he admits it was more so for him. 

“Feeding Primo originally was a challenge, lalo na because he’s breastfeeding,” recalls Drew. “When he was weaned off and started solids, that was an exciting time. Primo’s snack time was quite easy with Cerelac Nutripuffs.”

“Am I a good parent? I don’t know, but I’m trying….”

drew arellano on wife

For the soon-to-be dad of two, fatherhood is a constant learning process. | image source: Drew Arellano Instagram account

He also found books, videos, and interacting with fellow parents helpful as a new dad.

“It’s a process that you have to go through in order to become a better parent, diba?” says Drew, adding how he never compares himself to other parents.

“Am I a good parent? I don’t know, but I’m trying,” he says.

“I guess we’re lucky that we have this set up, that both Iya and I have the same mindset. Kailangan yon eh, importante yon talaga,” stresses the dad. “So you can progress.”

He also revealed that he was surprised by his parenting style. Being raised to be independent, he thought he wouldn’t be so overprotective. 

But it turns out, he tends to fuss over their little boy, not wanting him to walk in case he falls, for instance. He relates how Iya would often assure him that letting them fall and get up is how they learn.

“These are the things I’m learning from my wife,” he explains, “for Primo to grow up to be more well rounded.”

In closing, the proud dad beamed, saying he’s “thankful for Primo because he’s such a good kid.”

We have no doubt Drew and Iya will continue to learn and grow as parents when their second bundle of joy finally arrives!


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