Noche Buena menus for under P500, P800 and P1,000!

Noche Buena menus for under P500, P800 and P1,000!

Haven't planned for Noche Buena, yet? No problem. We've got Noche Buena menus for families who like good food but have limited budgets. Take your pick!

Is money tight this Christmas?  Don’t worry.  You can still have delicious dishes for Noche Buena with these simple but savory Noche Buena menus.

Happy cooking and bon appétit!

Noche Buena

Family and delicious food make Noche Buena extra special.


Noche Buena menus:

Cost: Php500 or less

Menu 1

Fried chicken
Garlic bread

1 kilo SM Bonus (loose) chicken thigh (Php150.00)
Cooking oil (Php30.00)
El Real 1 kilo pasta + 1 kilo spaghetti sauce Christmas pack (Php105.00)
Betty’s garlic bread (Php65.00)
Magnolia Cheezee  185 g (Php41.00)
1 pack kiat-kiat 900 g (Php90.00)

Total cost                                                      =     Php481.00

Menu 2

Chicken salpicao with mashed potatoes
Garlic bread

¾  kilo chicken breast fillet (Php145.00)
¾  kilo potatoes (Php60.00)
Garlic (Php35.00)
Maggi Savor Classic (Php30.00)
Dari Crème (stick) (Php26.00)
Alaska Crema (Php41.00)
Betty’s garlic bread (Php65.00)
ponkan (8-10 pieces) (Php90.00)

Total cost                             =      Php492.00


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Noche Buena

Roast chicken or turkey is always a hit. It is both tasty and healthy.

Cost: Php800 or less

Menu 1

Roast beef with mushroom gravy
Buttered vegetables
Fruit salad

1 kilo beef (blade chuck/kalitiran) (Php290.00)
Flour (Php20.00)
1 can SM Bonus pieces & stems mushroom 425 g (Php41.00)
½ kilo string beans (Php27.00)
½ kilo carrots (Php41.00)
SM Bonus golden sweet kernel corn 425 g (Php27.50)  x 2 (Php55.00)
Dari Crème Classic 200 g (Php46.50)
Rice (Php50.00)
SM Bonus Fruit cocktail 836 g (Php56.50) x 2 (Php113.00)
Carnation condensed milk (Php49.50)
Nestle cream (Php44.50)

Total cost                                                                    =         Php777.50


Menu 2

Roast chicken
Pesto Pasta
Garlic bread
Food for the gods

1 Chooks-to-go Sweet Roast Chicken (Php205.00)
White King Fiesta Flat Spaghetti 400 g (Php41.50)
Clara Olé Cheesy Pesto Sauce 180 g (Php128.50) x 2 (Php257.00)
Betty’s Garlic Bread (Php65.00)
1 box Dulcinea Food for the Gods (14pcs) (Php180.00)
Cantaloupe (Php40.00)

Total Cost                                        =               Php788.50



Noche Buena

Baked ham is often the star of the Noche Buena menu.

Cost:Php1,000 or less

Menu 1

Chicken Macaroni salad

Frabelle Jamon de Bola 1 kilo (Php315.00)
Ladies Choice Christmas Pack (Ladies Choice mayonnaise 470 ml with free Royal salad macaroni 400 g) (Php170.00)
¼ kilo chicken breast (Php40.00)
Del Monte pineapple tidbits 115 g (Php12/pouch) x 2 (Php 24.00)
Carrots (Php 15.00)
Onions (Php  5.00)
Magnolia Cheezee cheese 470 g (Php107.00)
Pandesal (Php 40.00)
1 box Goldilock’s Classic Brownies (Php207.00)
Mandarin orange (6pcs) (Php56.00)

Total cost                                                   =          P979.00


Menu 2

Lechon manok
Pork Barbecue
Buttered corn and carrots
Leche flan

Andok’s Original Jumbo Chicken (Php249.00)
Andok’s Pork Barbecue (Php25/stick) x 10 (Php250.00)
Andok’s Atchara (Php39.00)
½ kilo carrots (Php41.00)
SM Bonus golden sweet kernel corn 425 g (Php27.50) x 2 (Php55.00)
Dari Crème Classic 100 g (Php26.00)
Rice (Php50.00)
10 eggs (Php60.00)
1 can Liberty condensed milk (Php41.50)
1 can Carnation evaporated milk (Php33.50)
Sugar (Php10.00)
Seedless watermelon (Php38/kilo) 3.5 kilos x 38 (Php133.00)

Total cost                                                   =           Php988.00


Share with us your Noche Buena menus this year.

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