TAPfluencer Spotlight: Mommy Kal says "getting those types of smiles and hugs make every struggle worth it"

TAPfluencer Spotlight: Mommy Kal says "getting those types of smiles and hugs make every struggle worth it"

Kilalanin si Mommy Kal at ang kanyang cute baby na si Arya!

Bilang isa sa mga mom influencers na fina-follow ng maraming moms, ano nga ba ang mababahagi ni Pretty cute quirky Kal tungkol sa kanyang mom life?

TAPfluencer Spotlight: Pretty cute quirky Mommy Kal

Nagsimula raw sa pagbabahagi ng mga OOTD o outfit of the day photos si Kal sa kanyang Instagram. Hindi raw niya namamalayan na nagkakaroon na siya noon ng followers.

TAPfluencer Spotlight: Mommy Kal says

Image from @prettycutequirky’s Instagram

“To be honest, it was something I did not expect to happen. I started on Instagram by simply sharing my outfit of the day or #ootds. I made a lot of online friends and even had collaborations with online shops during that time. It was really great! Then I got pregnant, and before I knew it, my content suddenly turned into what it is now. (I guess this happens to most first-time mothers. Their feeds suddenly turn into a photo montage of their new baby and new life as a mother.) I feel very lucky to be where I am now, and I am just happy to be able to help other moms out there (especially when it comes to mom bargains!)”

Pero ang pagiging mom blogger o mom influencer ay mayroon ding downsides. Paano nga ba ito naha-handle ni Mommy Kal?

“Definitely. Because judgment will always be there no matter what you do. This is the reason why I do my best to choose what I post about my daughter and life as a mom very carefully.

Ayon sa kanya, kahit pa isa siyang public figure, importante pa rin ang privacy. Kailangan na top priority pa rin ang safety ng iyong pamilya.

pretty cute quirky kal

Image from @prettycutequirky’s Instagram

Bilang spotlight ng mga posts ni Mommy Kal, paano naman kaya niya ipinaliwanag sa kanyang anak na si Arya ang kanyang mga ginagawa?

“Right now, I tell her only what she could understand (given her age). She loves seeing photos and videos of herself so it is all good for now. Of course, when she grows older, if she does not want to be in the public eye anymore, I would definitely respect that.”

Katulad ni Mommy Kal — bilang ina ay dapat mo ring kuhanin ang opinyon ng iyong anak. Respetuhin at suportahan sila sa kung ano man ang gusto nilang gawin o mangyari para sa kanilang buhay.

Mommy Kal: “I would like to believe that I am the type of mother who would do her best for the sake of her family.”

pretty cute quirky kal

Image from @prettycutequirky’s Instagram

Bukod sa pagiging wonder mom na fina-follow ng maraming first-time moms, very hands on din si Mommy Kal sa kanyang unica hija na si Arya. Kuwento pa nga niya, kahit na mahirap ang pagiging ina kung minsan, isang ngiti o yakap lang ng kanyang little one ay sulit na lahat.

“The spur-of-the-moment smiles and hugs that I receive from my daughter. Just getting those types of smiles and hugs make every struggle I face worth it.

Dahil naman nag-iisa pa lang ang kanyang anak, mayroon din siyang payo para sa mga first-time moms.

Be forgiving towards yourself when you make mistakes. And your baby needs YOU. Do not let other people make you believe otherwise.”

Kadalasan kasi ay marami sa mga first-time moms ang madalas na ma-guilty na para bang hindi nila naibibigay ang best nila. Mommy, hindi mo kailangang ma-pressure dahil lahat naman ay iyong matututunan as time goes by.

Moms during quarantine

Kinumusta naman namin sila Mommy Kal ngayong quarantine. Marami ba silang naging adjustment at ginawang changes para makapag-cope sa kasalukuyang sitwasyon?

Presence had always been something I was very keen on giving my daughter. However, ever since the quarantine started, the line between work and home life began to blur, and it has been a struggle for us both. We are still adjusting to this “new normal,” but we know that we would eventually get through this together as a family.”

Ano nga ba ang ilang adjustments na kinailangan nilang gawin na maaring makatulong din sa ibang ina?

pretty cute quirky kal

Image from @prettycutequirky’s Instagram

“The new normal. (We needed to bring her somewhere, but of course, we wouldn’t leave our home without giving her full protection first.)

Face mask ✅

Face shield ✅

Social Distancing ✅

Disinfect the elevator before entering ✅

I also love how she was able to figure out on her own that she was supposed to stand there.”

pretty cute quirky kal

Image from @prettycutequirky’s Instagram

“Adjusting to working from home: I get so guilty whenever Arya feels bad after I turn her away when I’m working.😢 (I get antsy when I get disturbed in the middle of my work mode.) I try my best to explain, but it is still heartbreaking for my mommy heart.”

Katulad ng karamihan, nag-a-adjust pa rin ang kanilang pamilya sa “new normal”.



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