Ruffa Gutierrez and her daughters allegedly harassed in Malaysia

Ruffa Gutierrez and her daughters allegedly harassed in Malaysia

In a now deleted Instagram post, actress and mother Ruffa Gutierrez shared how they were harassed by a "group of old men" while they were in Malaysia.

In a now deleted post on Instagram, actress Ruffa Gutierrez shared that she and her daughters were harassed by "groups of old, creepy men".

Ruffa Gutierrez shared that her daughters were in tears

While they were enjoying the rides and attractions at Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia, Ruffa shared that her daughters were suddenly in tears. They shared that "groups of old, creepy men" allegedly took pictures of them, and blew kisses while they were on the rides.

The group of men once more tried to harass her daughters, but Ruffa and a friend tried to stop the men. However, Ruffa said that the men tried to attack them.

In a now deleted twitter post, the actress shared, "We came to @SunwayLagoonMalaysia to have fun with the children & did not realize it’s not safe at all! Shocking!!!"

She added, "Theme parks like @SunwayLagoonMY should not let creepy men inside their establishments!!

"Theme parks should be a safe place for children and families to enjoy their holiday!"

Sunway Lagoon immediately responded to her tweets, and are now working with Ruffa to handle the complaint.

How to deal with catcallers

The sad reality is that these days, catcalling is still a pretty common occurrence. It can happen to any woman, regardless of age, or what she's wearing. And it's important for all women to know their rights and what they should do against catcallers.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Ignore the catcaller, and walk away. Sometimes, the best way of dealing with someone harassing you, would be to ignore them and to move away from them as quickly as possible. Moving away is important since it can help protect you from someone who might try to physically harm you.
  2. Go somewhere with a lot of people, or to a place with someone you know. Going to a crowded place, or to a place with someone you know can help keep you secure, and also makes you feel better and safe.
  3. Tell someone. If you have your phone with you, try and call a trusted loved one, or a close friend. Tell them about what happened, and hopefully, they will reassure you that you did nothing wrong, and it's not your fault.

It's also important for moms to talk about catcalling with their boys. The younger parents teach their boys to respect women, the easier it will be for incidents such as catcalling or harassment to be eradicated. Catcalling is not proper behavior. Catcalling doesn't make you more of a "man," and it only serves to make women feel bad about themselves.



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