Sex during pregnancy: How does your baby respond to it?

Sex during pregnancy: How does your baby respond to it?

No, getting intimate when your expecting does not hurt or harm your little one in utero. Learn more about pregnancy sex, here.

It’s been proven that having sex during pregnancy does not harm your baby, but have you ever wondered how your baby responds to this activity in the womb?

According to, sex and orgasms can cause a baby to become either super quiet or encourage movement. If it feels like your baby has fallen asleep, it’s most likely because of the “rhythmic movement” of your belly during sexual activity. For other moms-to-be, their babies start kicking up a storm, inspired by the movement outside the womb to kick or move around.

Both responses are normal, so there’s no reason to worry.

Thanks to your baby’s amniotic sac and your uterus’ strong muscles, they are safely protected in your womb, even during intercourse. The entrance to your cervix is shielded by a mucus plug, which guards against infection. Though there are certain positions that are favorable during certain trimesters, it’s safe to have sex even until your water breaks.

Sex during pregnancy: How does your baby respond to it?

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Can sex during pregnancy induce labor?

Sex during pregnancy can’t trigger labor, according to Baby Center. Neither can orgasm or stimulation increase the risk of miscarriage. The uterine contractions felt during orgasms are harmless.

Each woman’s experience with sex during pregnancy is different. Some report it to be pleasurable, while others find it less satisfying, as pelvic engorgement due to increased blood flow can cause some discomfort.

However, there are certain cases where couples have to abstain from sex altogether, upon the advice of their doctor. Make sure to talk about your gynecologist about your concerns and plans about sex.

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