Week by week pregnancy | Week 13

Week by week pregnancy | Week 13

Want to know what happens each week by week pregnancy? How your baby developing at 13 weeks? Find out what's happening to your baby at week 13 of pregnancy.

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At 13 weeks pregnant, you’ve entered the second trimester of pregnancy!

Congratulations! You’ve entered the second trimester of your pregnancy, and chances of miscarriage are significantly lower now that you’re 13 weeks pregnant. Here’s a look at the progress your bundle of joy is making.

Week by week pregnancy: How your foetus is developing when you’re 13 weeks pregnant:
Your little one now is now around the size of a lemon and has working kidneys and sucking muscles! Prod your stomach gently to feel your baby shifting. This is good practice and nurtures your baby’s instinct of searching for your nipple when born.

He will also have small fingerprints and a beautiful set of well-defined eyes and ears – something to look forward to at your next ultrasound scan appointment.

And here’s an interesting one, if you’re bearing a female baby: she now has about 2 million eggs in her ovaries, which will reduce to half that upon birth. By the age of 17, the number of eggs would have dropped to an average of about 700,000!

What you can do right now:
The second trimester is often seen as the best one; you’ll feel immensely satisfied and “glow”, as all expectant mums will. In fact, the next 13 weeks will allow you time to mentally prepare yourself for the third trimester, when your baby will be large enough to rest his legs on your bladder.

Your erratic moods would also have settled considerably so for now, bask in the most comfortable weeks of your pregnancy! Now that you’re 13 weeks pregnant, let’s look forward to the upcoming weeks.

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